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Geer Building Company Testimonials


Ben and Jacki define exceptional. Small or large, their attention to detail is outstanding. For our Lee Street house, the improvements to this 1910 house were exceptional and helped sell the house. Ben is not only a very good builder and known by banks, suppliers and subcontractors but he is also creative and adds to the appearance and functionality of a house project. One cool thing about Ben is his enthusiasm about using repurposed materials to add interest and accents in a home project. For our Lee Street house, he used repurposed doors and hardware we found that matched the period of the original construction.

Geer’s expertise also helps on project cost control. Ben’s experience anticipates things that other builders might miss and we felt helped us anticipate unexpected costs. We have completed two house projects with Geer and have started another one in the fall 2010. We have every confidence in Geer and highly recommend them.

Jim Hawkins

Smyrna,  Georgia  


Construction projects are notoriously rife with delays, negative surprises, frequent crises and inconvenience.  This one was no different, but if you have a project which you really want and/or need and you're prepared for the above then Geer might be the company for you.

The quality of workmanship was excellent on our front porch project.  But the most positive thing I take away from this project, was the dedication to do the best job possible.  Thinking back, 9 different incidents come to mind where Ben or workmen from Geer Building Co. suggested ideas to improve the "form or function" of the structure.   These improvements had associated costs to the company of time & material but nobody on the job dwells on the cost, the focus of the crew was to make it better.  Now, this kind of attitude has to come from the top down.  A successful project requires good design and good execution of that design, we feel that we got that.  An example:  we collectively designed an original window which the Window company failed to produce to our satisfaction.  After a retry by the mfgr. and a great deal of angst, going back and forth, Geer Building Co. broke the window down and rebuilt it correctly on site.  This is the kind of builder we want on our team.

Stephen & Melinda Boothe

Smyrna,  Georgia


It was a real pleasure to work with Ben and Jacki. With their vision, resourcefulness and craftsmanship, we transformed our modest 1950′s ranch into a timeless yet modern home with stunning curb appeal and a unique, open living space inside. If it’s a builder with creativity, ability and an uncommon passion for one-of-a-kind renovations that you seek, Geer Building is your team.

Bob Atkinson

Smyrna,  Georgia


Our experience with Geer Building Co. was a calm, professional experience from the first day we met. We knew going through a home renovation  was going to be a challenge.  Ben worked with us on our budget and got us to where we need to be. Ben and his crew took the challenge out of it. I would come home with windows, doors, heated flooring elements all sorts of finds that I wanted added to the project and Ben made everyone of them work into the project without a challenge. The renovation was everything we had in mind thanks to Geer Building.

Suzanne E. Fette

Smyrna,  Georgia


When I decided to get some work done on my house, I started looking around for contractors. Needless to say, I was pretty discouraged until I came across Ben Geer.  Ben has an innate talent for taking an idea and developing it into a beautiful plan. He truly has his clients’ best interest at heart and does his utmost to make your dream become a reality.  I had total confidence going into this project with Ben and his crew.  Each one of them were friendly, professional, efficient and honest.  Jacki Geer is very organized and does a great job of handling all the details and finances.  She is also very creative and brings a lot of good ideas to the table. I am so pleased with the whole package that Geer Building Company offers and couldn’t be happier with the job they did for me.  I will definitely be using them again on my future projects!

Debbie Wheeler

Smyrna,  Georgia


I am very pleased with the addition of a beautiful sunroom adjacent to the existing dining room as well as a very adequate storage/workroom below on my little fifties’ house in Forest Hills. During the planning stages, I found Ben Geer really listened to what I wanted and needed in an addition, and he was willing to provide answers to every question I had with courtesy and promptness during this stage as well as throughout the entire process.  His expertise in design and construction and his meticulous attention to detail is evident in the work he completed here.  Wi th specific requests I had made,  Ben was willing to find a feasible way to make it work to my satisfaction.  During the work, I felt completely comfortable with the basic crew as well as subcontractors who came into my home.  He kept me informed of work scheduled throughout the construction, and stayed within the budget as set  from the beginning with only a slight overage based on our agreement. Good communication was a real plus, and the new rooms were completed in a timely manner, very much to my satisfaction.

Shirley Priest

Smyrna,  Georgia


My experience with Geer Building Company far exceeded my expectations!  My master bath renovation along with a new closet and laundry room was a small project in comparison to their other projects.  However, Ben Geer’s knowledge of new construction as well as working with older homes was the key to making this project a success.  Ben was able to blend modern design and keep the integrity of my 1930′s house. His team of craftsmen did an outstanding job on the tile work and all of the finish details of my bathroom.  Ben Geer is a very hands on builder and takes great pride in his work, no matter what size the job.  Because of outstanding communication, this was one of the most stress free renovations I have ever experienced.  The finished product speaks for itself!

Stephanie Wheeler

Smyrna,  Georgia


Ben Geer turns houses into dream homes. He stretches budgets getting more done with elegance and beauty. You can always feel confident the best decisions are being made when Geer Building Company is at work. I know, he’s redone my kitchen, bathrooms, floors, electrical, deck and more. No one is better. Geer is simply the best.

Gregg Hinthorn

Happy Geer Client and Home Owner

Smyrna,  Georgia


"A Dream Realized"

It's been about 7 months since work on my home wrapped up in early December of 2010. No sooner did the dust settle from construction did we dive into the tasks of interior decorating and landscaping, both of which continue today. Looking back now I realize this letter is long overdue. That said, I think the passage of time has allowed me to reflect a bit more on the journey and not simply focus on the completed project. Good work takes time to complete and it takes time to appreciate.
From the outset our plans for this project were very definitive. I had envisioned what is now the completed addition shortly after I purchased our home in 1990. The project evolved over the next 20 years on paper. The goals were simple, add a master suite, re-position the front door and transform an austere 60's style ranch into something a bit more distinctive. I started with hiring an architect that could take my rough sketches and a file of ideas and transfer them into a workable set of drawings and construction notes that a builder could work from.
Shortly after beginning construction, I quickly learned that there are just so many construction details that can be included in a given set of drawings and that ultimately many decisions both big and small must be made on a daily basis. Mine and my wife's previous experience in home renovation projects taught us that with most contractors, if you're not proactive in voicing an opinion at every step, the end product will typically reflect the most common and least costly approach (resulting in their vision not yours). Of the many accolades I can bestow on Geer Building Company, the greatest would be Ben's conscientious approach to making certain we ended up with a project that reflected our vision with the insight of his experience. A few adjectives to reflect in greater detail our experience include:

  • Persistence - shortly after breaking ground we discovered a high water table that made the excavation and pouring of the foundation a real challenge. Despite a broad range of efforts and a lot of hard work the water problems would not go away
  • Humility - when all reasonable efforts failed to address the groundwater issue, Ben advised us to bring in a geotechnical engineer (a pivotal decision that resulted in a design solution that solved the problem and got the project back on track). Ben's acknowledgement of the problem and the caution used in resolution resulted in a permanent fix and not a short term patch that might resurface later.
  • Communication - a combination of emails, phone calls and meetings kept us in the loop on construction progress, potential snags and upcoming decisions that needed to be made. Critical design changes and construction details not specified in drawings were always discussed before they were executed.
  • Flexibility - the best laid plans don't always work out, as work progresses opinions change, scopes are altered and change orders are an inevitable part of building. The few we encountered were unforeseeable or generated by ourselves. In each case our expectations were ultimately met and the monetary impacts equitable.
  • Design Sense - whether assisting with rock and tile choices, designing exposed rafters and porch columns or providing insight on exterior color choices, Ben was always there with helpful insights and recommendations. His design choices and his finished work reflect a distinctive perspective that we found both complimentary and innovative.
  • Trust - the challenge of living in a home while it is under construction is well understood. With 2 teenage daughters at home, multiple pets and typical security concerns, working with Ben's crew and subcontractors was generally seamless, unobtrusive and incident free.
  • Value - when we first contemplated our addition and exterior make-over, we considered briefly a self directed build. The idea being we would save money and could pick and choose the best specialist contractors to complete each task. As I interviewed individual contractors I quickly came to the realization that coordination and integration issues would be overly time consuming. Even more importantly I began to see where our lack of experience could seriously jeopardize the integrity of the entire project. Enter Mr. Geer - a licensed builder (a distinction very different than a contractor). It's a bit like comparing a musician to a conductor, while both are necessary only one is ultimately responsible for blending a wide range of diversified roles into a unified project.

My opinions are of course reflective of my unique experience. That said, I think if you browse Ben's website, visit some homes he's built or worked on and chat with a few past clients, you too will be impressed by his work and ethics and likely discover the confidence to retain him and his crew for your next project (as we did).

If you'd like a personal referral or to learn more about our project with Ben, I can be contacted at the number and address provided below.

Martin Bennett
869 Hickory Drive
Marietta, GA 30064



Geer Building Company recently updated my 50 year old ranch house to include the addition of a garage, 2 bedrooms and a luxury master bath. It was a comprehensive project that included several phases of demolition and construction. We could not have been more pleased with owner and President, Ben Geer and his crew. With Ben we got two for the price of one, in a designer and builder. We worked together through the drawing phases to implementation, and Ben totally grasped our vision. Ben and his experienced crew set a high standard for quality materials and workmanship, and Ben was very hands-on, guiding, advising and monitoring the pace and direction of the project. It was very refreshing to work with a builder who was accessible AND flexible! Ben was always available when we needed questions answered and very willing to adapt to changes we made as the project unfolded, while working within our budget. It was clear from our first meeting that Geer Building Company was a company we could trust, and as we moved through each phase of the project it was clear that collaborating with Ben provided the guidance we needed to exceed expectations for our “new” home! Thank you Geer Building Company!

Scott Keithley & Jean Manki

Smyrna, Georgia


Ben Geer met with our insurance adjuster (State Farm) and got the adjuster to buy us a new roof. Ben went above and beyond what he had to do when it came to meeting with the insurance adjuster as well as installing our new roof.  He even corrected the installation of our exhaust fan at no additional cost. I would highly recommend Ben (Geer Building Company) for any home renovation.  

Ray Prock
Smyrna, Georgia

Geer Building Company (Ben) has completed three major construction projects for us as well as several s mall issues . His creativity and his cre ws' cr aftsmanship have been nothing short of superb. We are totally pleased with his work and have rec eived many compliments. I would , and have recommended his work to several people. Ben is , in addition, a joy to wo rk with.

He is very easy to recommend.

RJ and Kim Kuckleburg
Smyrna, Georgia

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for a job well done in the building of my Decatur house. Building a house from the ground up is rich with unexpected obstacles and challenges, and your company resolved each of them with thoughtful calm professionalism. 
Thank you for the smooth, reliable and "on time" process, but most of all for a final product of exceptional quality workmanship.
Feel free to share my experience with anyone considering your services. I would recommend Geer Building Company without hesitation.


Ken Guinn

We were very fortunate to have found Geer.  As first time home builders, we needed a lot of guidance and Ben and Jacki's willingness to share their considerable experience was invaluable to our success with the project.  Whether it was finding the right material, choosing the right vendor, or even modifying plans in order to keep us within our budget, they never hesitated to help and we never felt constrained to a particular approach or option.  Though it was technically a renovation, Geer transformed our outdated ranch into a brand new, beautiful, arts and crafts style home.

Rob & Heather Burson

Smyrna, Georgia 


"It is always on every homeowner's wish list to have a contractor who is dependable, talented and fair.  It is a bonus to find one who is creative and imaginative as well, someone who can see your vision and knows the best way to get you there.  Ben Geer is happily all these things and more.  We found the crew who work for Ben to be pleasant and skilled, and we were thrilled with the finished renovations to our home."

Pat and Pamela Terry
Smyrna, Georgia

How rare it is today to say “we got everything we wanted and wouldn’t change anything” when describing building a new house; but that was exactly our experience with Ben Geer.  When designing the plans for the house Ben listened to everything we said and re-worked the plans until they were perfect, taking into account style, design, function and sound structure.  We wanted to build a new house that looked a hundred years old and I don’t think that there is anyone in this area who is better equipped to make that happen than Ben.  He has decades of knowledge and experience and an obvious passion for not only building but for the creative process as well. His attention to detail is what makes our house full of so many unique elements.  He guided us in our decisions down to all the little details, including the trim work around the fireplace and the height of the wall faucet, to keep us within our style and historical period but also to keep things functional.  Our home is truly a custom home as we worked as a team with Ben and his wife Jacki to design and make decisions on everything, start to finish; nothing was ever a surprise or out of our control. They were both very accessible and easy to work with through the whole process.  Ben catered to and encouraged our desire to use re-purposed materials from the tear down of our old house in the build of our new house which was a cost saver and is also very meaningful to us.   He even took extra steps to protect the beautiful old oak tree in our front lawn during construction, when other builders would have taken it down because that would have been easier.  People have consistently remarked on the quality of our house, inside and out, stating “they don’t build houses like this anymore” and it’s true.  Ben built our house with a lot of thoughtfulness and care and, like all of his houses, the quality is unmatched by other builders.  It takes time and a lot of patience to get a result like that, but our dream house was worth the wait. Words cannot express our gratitude to the Geers and how blessed we feel to be able to live in this beautiful home. 

PJ & Kirsten Protos
Smyrna, Georgia

"For several years I have carried around a dream in my head of a private screened porch off our bedroom, shaped like a birdhouse.  This dream involved refashioning an existing window seat, turning one of the windows into a doorway and creating a breezeway that would lead to the porch.  When we finally decided to make this dream of mine a reality, we spoke to Ben about it to see if he could “catch the vision”.  Not only did his eyes light up at the prospect of this rather unusual request, but he was brimming with creative ideas of his own.

Forget any horror stories you may have heard about the building process.  Ben and his crew were at our house every single day, bright and early.  We found them to be both talented and pleasant.  They worked every day till after dark, taking care to keep our bedroom covered and clean the entire time, and completed the project on the precise day promised.  As we saw from the first day we talked to him about the porch, Ben contributed so many imaginative ideas that served to make the finished project even better than what we’d hoped for.  We are beyond thrilled with our new porch and can recommend Geer Building Company without reservation.  Thank you, Ben!"

Pamela & Pat Terry

Smyrna, Georgia


Ben Geer  is truly a rare find - a dependable, trustworthy general contractor who is also a pleasure to work with. We worked with Geer Building Company on an extensive renovation that included a new kitchen, bathroom, mudroom and laundry area. We were incredibly grateful to have Ben's skill and leadership for this large project. His energy, positive attitude and detail-oriented, client-centric approach made the renovation process much less stressful and demanding for our family. Also, Geer Building Company's onsite crew was truly professional. The workers were friendly, courteous, and really cared about the quality of their work. From the beginning, we were kept well informed about the time-line for the project and about the progress. Ben dealt easily with several mid-project modifications that we requested and was able to complete the project on budget. We have recommended Geer Building Company to many of our neighbors and friends. We would not work with anyone else!

Greg & Tricia Creel

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness

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